A high demand of holiday residences:  The tourism activity is rapidly expanding: 980.000 tourists in 2011 (for a population of 1,2 M) among which 46 % of French against 750.000 in 2005 and 500.000 in 2000. The number of tourists quadrupled since 1990.
2 million Tourists are expected by 2015 and thus an additional need for holiday residences.
The Mauritius Island appears in the 4è place countries where it is necessary to invest(surround) in the real estate, after Canada, Hong-Kong and Switzerland (according to Telegraph in 21/11/2011).
The Mauritian real estate market offers competitive advantages regarding price offers and regarding quality, as well as regarding numerous assets (leisure activities, prosperous economy, attractive tax system) which guarantee its a long-lasting (sustainable) and high value.

The potential of capital gain(increase in value) is important because high demand of the Mauritian and foreign investors and the offers are going to decrease by a few years.
A political and legal stability protecting the investors to Maurice:
Political stability: Parliamentary Republic since 1992, 3 main parties, independence of the judiciary.
Legal system protecting the investors (Mixture of French and English law) while checking(controlling) the investments.
The foreigners can buy a real property only in the programs IRS, the LMBO and IHS.
The programs IRS, the LMBO or IHS has to obtain the enjoyment (approval) of the BOI (Board Of Investment): environmental standards, job creation, bank guarantee…

– Tax treaty with France of December 11th, 1980 (taxes on income and on fortune)
– Agreement(convention) of Nations United against the corruption
An attractive Mauritian tax system:
According to the agreement(convention) of Mauritian French double taxation on December 11th, 1980 (article 6):
‘ Income resulting(coming) from a Mauritian real property and perceived (collected) by a Frenchman (having his fiscal residence in France) is taxed to Maurice. ‘
A French investor who buys a real property to Maurice, and puts it rented, land incomes are then taxed according to the Mauritian law at the 15 % rate.
– Tax on the Income of 15 %
– Capital gains on immovable property are exempted
– Not of ISF on the properties (goods) bought from Maurice
– Not inheritance tax